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Wolfgang Hock

born in Bamberg, West Germany, studied fine arts at the university of Siegen at Prof. Heinz Pramann and Prof. Daniel Hees. His major was painting, etching, photography and short film. 

At the time from 1977 until to the beginning of the nineties, he participated in various expositions in Europe (Paris, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam etc.) and in North America (New York and Montreal / Canada) and had one man shows in Germany (in 1987 and 1988).


In 1988, he received the “Certificate of Excellence” of the “Major International Art Competition” of “Art Horizons” in New York. The jurors were: Ellen Handy from the Metropolitan Museum New York, Illene Susan Fort from the Los Angeles County Museum und Walter Robinson, art critic of "Art in America".

Long travels to Italy, Egypt, Marocco, Greece, Turkey, France (especially Paris), London and the USA.

At the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties: Activity as teacher at some public and private schools, also as art teacher at the Mosbacher Berg Gymnasium in Wiesbaden / Hessen in Germany.


In 1993 move to Brazil:

  • Two years in Salvador / Bahia. Activity as language teacher and interpreter / translator working together with the Goethe-Institute and the Pan American School of Bahia.
  • Two years in Rio de Janeiro. Working together with the Goethe-Institute.
  • Five years in Curitiba in the Paraná State in the extreme south of Brazil. Activity at the financial market in São Paulo (BOVESPA).
  • In 2001 marriage with Angela Renata and birth of his son Wolfgang Matthias.
  • In 2002 move to the Northeast of Brazil, to Fortaleza (2.5 million people), capital of Ceará state, 4.000 km distance to Curitiba.


In 2008 resumption of the art activities.

  • In 2009 exhibition at Debret Gallery in Belém (1.5 million people), capital of Pará state / Brazil.
  • One man exhibition at ARAUCO Gallery in Nürnberg / Germany 17 July - 13 November 2010: Pictures from Brazil - Blur boundaries.
  • Summer 2010: Visitation of the graphic studios at Daniel Hees in Cologne, famous artist in Germany, his former art professor.
  • In 2010 exhibition at Debret Gallery in Belém ...


After careful consideration move back to Germany in 2011 with the whole family after 18 years of Brazil: To Bamberg, his native town.

  • In 2011 and 2012 exhibition at Debret Gallery in Belém ...
  • In 2013 exhibitions at Debret Gallery in Belém and ARAUCO Gallery in Germany