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Pictures from Brazil – blur boundaries

Wolfgang Hock, who received in 1988 the “Certificate of Excellence” of the “Major International Art Competition” of “Art Horizons” in New York, presents oil paintings, mixed techniques, watercolors and prints of the series from the last three years of his adopted country Brazil. Since 1993 he has been living there in four cities: Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and since 2002 in Fortaleza.

In his pictures the point is to blur borders, deadlocked categories, in respect of both subject and form: Between the medias painting, photography and computer graphic, between the cultures Latin America and Europe, between the known and the unknown. The objective is always the change of human perception and with it the consciousness after all to “bowl down all conditions in which the human being is a humiliated, enslaved, abandoned and condemned creature“ (Marx).