Cameras from 1905 and 1972:

All just history



At that time expensive and out of reach for most citizen.
Who had one, was only because of this just a distinguished photographer...



Cameras with exposure measurement through the lens (TTL-System) and fully automatic light control. 1972 absolutely new on market.

At that time something unbelievable. Dream of each photographer. One was fascinated by Japanese electronics. And all more and more fully automatic.



Range finder camera by mirror, in 1972 also something absolutely new. One didn’t need any more estimate the distance. Unimaginable innovative technique as seen at that time.



And then this: Polaroid reached to break down the old and apparently unconquerable barrier between making the photo and the ready definitive picture. The instant photography was born. This was used by the Pop Artists soon.



And even so: Looking from today, it’s all nice photographic history.

Our children today don’t know anything more about this all and are very astonished when they listen something about how it was a long long time ago…




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Petr Tausk, Die Geschichte der Fotografie im 20. Jahrhundert. Von der Kunstfotografie bis zum Bildjournalismus, Köln 1977, p. 13 and p. 109-110
Source: Repro from book
Diese Abbildungen wurden als bar jeglicher bekannter Einschränkungen des Urheberrechts, einschließlich verbundener und benachbarter Rechte erkannt.