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Wolfgang Hock:

"Traveling has been important part of my life since childhood

My paintings are made from visual imaginations and memories using photos, other collected pictures and drawings as templates. Scenes of personal life and from the journeys between my two worlds, America and Europe, are the point of departure."





Wolfgang Hock was born in Bamberg, West Germany, lived from 1977 in Würzburg, Siegen and Wiesbaden. From 1993 to 2011, he stayed during 18 years in Brazil: two years in Salvador, two years in Rio de Janeiro, five years in Curitiba and the last nine years in Fortaleza. Since 2011 he returned to his native town, to Bamberg in Germany. 

He studied fine arts in Germany, participated in various expositions in Europe (Paris, Munich, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam etc.), in North America (New York and Montreal / Canada) and Brazil.

In 1988, he received the "Certificate of Excellence" of the "Major International Art Competition" of "Art Horizons" in New York.